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Legal Information: California

Housing Laws

June 16, 2021

Can my landlord ever evict me if I am a victim of abuse?

This law does not stop a landlord from evicting you for a valid, legal reason. This law keeps a landlord from evicting you because you are a victim of abuse.1 However, your landlord can end your lease or refuse to renew your lease if:

  1. after you show proper documentation that you are a victim of abuse, you still allow the abuser to visit the property or the landlord reasonably believes that the presence of the abuser is a physical threat to other tenants, guests, or other people invited to the property; and
  2. your landlord gave you three days’ notice to fix the issue with the abuser coming to your property or threatening others but it still continues to happen.2

1 Cal.Civ.Code § 1161.3(b)(1), (b)(2)