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April 2, 2020

Once I notify my landlord that I want to end my lease, do I still have to pay my rent?

Yes – but only for the next 14-day period after giving notice.  Once you send the written notice to your landlord, you still have to pay your rent for the next 14 calendar days unless the landlord rents the premises to someone else during that 14-day period (and then the rent you owe will be prorated.)1  For example, let’s say you give notice and you leave on September 30th and you pay rent through October 14th.  Then the landlord gets a new tenant who moves in October 7th.  You can ask to be reimbursed half (½) of your rent that you paid for October.

See I am afraid to stay in my apartment. How can I get out of my lease if I am a victim? for the proper way to end your lease.

1 Cal.Civ.Code § 1946.7(d)