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Legal Information: Arkansas

Restraining Orders

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January 3, 2024

What types of order of protection are there? How long do they last?

There are two types of orders:

Temporary Order of Protection
A temporary order of protection is an ex parte court order designed to provide you and your family members with immediate protection from the abuser. A judge may issue an ex parte order on the day you file your petition if s/he believes that you are in immediate danger, or if the abuser is scheduled to be released from prison within 30 days and you will be in danger when s/he is released.1 “Ex parte” means that the order is issued without prior notice to the abuser and without the abuser being present. The temporary order will protect you from the time it is granted until your full court hearing takes place, usually within 30 days.2

Final Order of Protection
A final order of protection can be issued only after a court hearing takes place where you and the abuser both have the opportunity to appear in court and present evidence. A final order will last for at least 90 days and at most 10 years. The judge may renew the order after it expires if s/he finds that the threat of domestic abuse still exists.3

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