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February 11, 2022

How do I change or extend my order?

If you want to modify (change) your protection from abuse order, you must fill out the same form, (entitled “Petition for Protection from Abuse”), as you did during your original application. Go to the nearest Circuit or Family Court clerk and tell them you want to fill out a form to change your protection from abuse order.

Often times, final PFA orders are “permanent” so there is no expiration date.1 However, if your protection from abuse order has an expiration date, you can petition the court for an extension of the original order. You must apply for an extension before the original order expires. You will need to go to the Circuit or Family Court clerk to request an extension. You will probably have to fill out a petition similar to the one you filled out for the original order. Note: If you are getting a divorce, you can ask for a final protection from abuse order put into the divorce decree.

1 Ala. Code § 30-5-7(d)(2)

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