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Legal Information: Alaska

Victim Compensation

August 9, 2023

Where can I find additional information and resources?

There is more information available, including an application you can download on the Violent Crimes Compensation Board website.

If you need help in filling out the application, you may be able to get the assistance of an advocate at a local resource center, which can be found on the AK Advocates and Shelters page.

Note: It is possible that after reviewing your application, the Board may decide to hold a hearing. At the hearing, you can present witnesses, testimony and other evidence and you can be cross-examined.1 If you choose to hire an attorney to represent you, and you win your case, the Board can award reasonable attorney fees in addition to any money that is awarded to you. The fees would be in the following amount:

  • up to 25% of the first $1,000 amount awarded as compensation;
  • up to 15% of the next $9,000 amount awarded as compensation; and
  • up to 7.5% of the amount awarded as compensation over $10,000.

An attorney cannot ask you for an amount greater than what is listed above. If s/he does ask for or demand more money, s/he would be in violation of the statute and can be made to forfeit (give up) any fee awarded by the Board and repay it to the state.2 For legal referrals, go to our AK Finding a Lawyer page.

1 Alaska Statute § 18.67.040(a), (c)
2 Alaska Statute § 18.67.050