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November 17, 2022

Can I get support for myself and my children?

As part of a protective order, the judge can require the respondent (the abuser) to pay support for you or a child in your care if he has a legal relationship to you and/or the child.1

While a divorce proceeding is going on, a judge can award “reasonable” spousal maintenance, including medical expenses and “reasonable” support for minor children in your care.2

Even if you are not going through a divorce, state law says that a judge should make a child support order whenever the court makes a custody order.

The amount of child support ordered is based on the custody arrangement and the child support guidelines, which are found in a document called “Civil Rule 90.3”. The general percentages for child support are 20% of net income for one child, 27% for two and 33% for three.

In order to modify (change) a child support order, there must be either a 15% change in income or a change in the parenting plan that affects the formula used to calculate the support.3

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3 See Alaska Courts website

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