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Housing Laws

20 de abril de 2022

What happens if the landlord makes me sign a lease that takes away these protections?

If the landlord includes a term in your lease that is not allowed, that section of the lease would be unenforceable. In other words, no judge would make you follow that section of the lease. If your landlord tries to enforce that section of your lease, you (the tenant) can sue the landlord for the following money damages:

  • actual damages that you suffered (in other words, money that you lost due to the landlord trying to enforce that section of the lease against you);
  • your reasonable attorney’s fees;
  • all other costs that you had related to the court case against your landlord; and
  • punitive damages that could equal up to two months of rent.1

This law only applies, however, to leases or rental agreements that were created or renewed on June 29, 2017 or after.2

1 K.R.S § 383.302(2)
2 K.R.S § 383.302(3)

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