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: Indiana

State Gun Laws

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8 de octubre de 2019

What is the legal definition of a “dangerous individual”?

A dangerous individual is someone who presents:

  • an “imminent risk” (immediate risk) of personal injury to himself/herself or another person; or
  • a risk of personal injury to himself/herself or another person in the future and either:
    • s/he has a mental illness that may be controlled by medication and has not shown a pattern of taking medication willingly and consistently while not under supervision; or
    • there is a reasonable belief (supported by documented evidence) that s/he has a tendency for violent or suicidal behavior.1

If the judge finds probable cause exists to believe the individual is dangerous and in possession of a firearm, the judge may issue a search and seizure warrant for the individual’s firearms.2

1 Ind. Code § 35-47-14-1(a)
2 Ind. Code § 35-47-14-2(3)