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Housing Laws

20 de abril de 2022

How does this housing law protect me?

This law applies to leases created or renewed after June 29, 2017 and offers various protections to you if you are a protected tenant. First, you have the right to terminate your lease by providing certain written documentation to your landlord.1

Second, if you are a protected tenant, your landlord cannot do any of the following because of your status as a protected tenant (your landlord may be able to do any of the following if s/he has another legal reason to do so):

  • end your lease;
  • fail to renew your lease;
  • refuse to enter into a lease with you; or
  • retaliate against you in renting or leasing a residence.2

Third, you have the right to install a new lock on your unit at your own expense (after informing your landlord) by:

  • re-keying the lock if the lock is in good working condition; or
  • replacing the entire locking mechanism with a locking mechanism of equal or better quality than the lock being replaced.3

Note: If your landlord requests a copy of the new key, you are required to provide him/her with one.4

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