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Restraining Orders

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31 de diciembre de 2021

Step 1: Go to the family court and request an application.

Go to the family division of the superior court (family court) in your area.  You can find a court near you by going to our VT Courthouse Locations page.

Find the court clerk and request a petition for a relief from abuse order, and also tell the clerk if you want a temporary relief from abuse order.  You can also find links to petitions online by going to our VT Download Court Forms page.

Weeknights and weekends, you can apply for a temporary relief from abuse order at your local police station.  You can call the after-hours temporary relief from abuse order telephone number: 800-540-9990.  A family court clerk will be in contact with either you or the police and usually will meet you at the police station.  In exceptionally dangerous circumstances or in cases of physical disabilities, other arrangements may be made with the family court clerk.  Note: You can only get a stalking or sexual assault relief from abuse order during regular business hours.

A domestic violence worker may be able to help you file the complaint both during business hours and after hours or you can go alone and get assistance from a court clerk.  To find a domestic violence organization in your area, see VT Advocates and Shelters.

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