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Restraining Orders

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9 de noviembre de 2021

How do I register my protection order in Tennessee?

To register in Tennessee, you must:

  • Go to the Clerk at the local County Courthouse. See the TN Courthouse Locations page for courthouse address and phone numbers.
  • Bring a certified copy of your protection order.  If you do not have a certified copy, call the court that issued you the protection order and request one.
    • If you cannot get a certified copy, the Tennessee court where you are registering the order will call the court that issued your order and request that one be faxed over. 
  • For more information about filing for a protection order in Tennessee, see the TN Protection Orders for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking page.
  • Bring any other documents that were given to you with your protection order, especially if those documents are necessary for your protection order to be valid.
  • Make sure your protection order is valid: the expiration date is not passed, it was properly issued by a court with jurisdiction, it is signed, and the abuser knew of the hearing.1

Note: There is no charge for registering the protection order, and the clerk will file the order as though it is a case.

If you need help registering your protection order, you can contact a local domestic violence organization in Tennessee for assistance. You can find contact information for organizations in your area on our TN Places that Help page

1 TN ST § 36-3-622(c)

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