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Información Legal: Nuevo Hampshire

State Gun Laws

24 de marzo de 2021

The abuser uses a gun for his/her job. Does the law still apply?

Maybe. If your abuser is a law enforcement officer, military employee or government employee, then s/he might be able to continue to use their gun for work purposes, but not for personal use.

However, if your abuser has been convicted of a felony or a domestic violence misdemeanor, then under federal law, your abuser cannot buy or have a gun, even if s/he is a police officer or a military employee.1

If you are confused or not sure whether your abuser can still use their gun for work purposes, you can talk to a domestic violence advocate in your area or call the National Center on Full Faith and Credit to find out more information: 1-800-903-0111

To find a domestic violence advocate in your area, please go to our NH Advocates and Shelters page under the Places that Help tab on the top of this page.

118 USC 925 (a)(1)