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Información Legal: Nuevo Hampshire

Restraining Orders

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9 de julio de 2021

Who is eligible to get a protective order?

You are eligible to file for a protective order if you have experienced acts of abuse (as defined in What is the legal definition of domestic violence in New Hampshire?) committed by:

  • a family or household member, which is defined as:
    • a spouse, ex-spouse, someone you live with or used to live with, your parent, or any other person you are related to by blood or marriage (except for any minor children who live with the defendant/abuser; or
  • a current or former sexual partner; or
  • a current or former intimate partner, which is defined as:
    • someone who you currently or formerly had a romantic relationship with (it doesn’t matter if you never had sexual relations with this person).1

If someone who does not fit these descriptions is abusing or stalking you, you may also want to read our Stalking Protective Orders page.

1 N.H. Rev. Stat. § 173-B:1(I),(X),(XV)