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Restraining Orders

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9 de noviembre de 2022

How much does it cost to get a disorderly conduct restraining order?

There is a fee to file for a disorderly conduct restraining order1 unless you are filing against someone who is committing domestic violence against you (e.g., an intimate partner, spouse, etc.) – then there is no fee.2 The amount of the fee may vary by district court. You can check with the clerk of court for the fee in your district. If you feel you cannot afford the fee, you may be able to request that the fee be waived by filing a form called “Affidavit in Support of Petition for Waiver of Fees.” If you request a fee waiver, the judge will decide if you need to pay the fee or not.1

1 See, for example, the Stutsman County State’s Attorney Office website
2 N.D.C.C. § 12.1-31.2-01(11)

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