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Restraining Orders

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18 de octubre de 2022

Can I get an order of protection when the courthouse is closed?

Yes.  When the circuit court is unavailable after business hours or on holidays or weekends, you can file a petition for an order of protection (or a motion for a hearing on a violation of any order of protection) before any available court in the city or county having jurisdiction to hear the petition and an ex parte order of protection can be issued.1   During hours when the circuit court is closed, a clerk and judge must be on call to process petitions in cases of emergency.  In St. Louis City and County, the filing is done at a police station when the courthouse is closed.  In some of the outlying counties, it is done by the Sheriff’s Dept. Go to MO Sheriff Departments to find the one in your county.

MO ST § 455.030(1)

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