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Información Legal: Maine

Restraining Orders

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4 de marzo de 2020

How do I register my protection order in Maine? Do I have to register it to get it enforced?

You can file your protection order in district court - at least one of the forms that you will fill out is listed on the Maine Courts website here (although there may be additional forms or this form may be subject to change).  Bring a certified copy of the order along with another non-certified copy (i.e., a photocopy of the order).

You do not need a lawyer to register your protection order. If you are confused or worried about the process, you can contact a local domestic violence organization in Maine to ask for help from a local advocate. To find a local domestic violence organization in Maine, please go to our ME Advocates and Shelters page.

In terms of whether or not you need to register your order, police officers are required by federal law to enforce your protection order, whether or not it is registered - however, it can sometimes be easier to enforce an order that is registered.