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Información Legal: Luisiana

Restraining Orders

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8 de abril de 2020

What is the legal definition of domestic abuse in Louisiana?

This section defines domestic violence/abuse for the purposes of getting a protective order. “Domestic abuse” includes, but is not limited to, one or more of the following acts between “family members” or “household members” or “dating partners”:

  1. physical abuse;
  2. sexual abuse;
  3. stalking or cyberstalking;
  4. elder abuse, which is defined as “abuse or neglect” of an adult committed by an adult child or adult grandchild; or
  5. any other offense (physical or non-physical) crime in Louisiana, which you can access on the Louisiana Legislature website - however, “negligent injury” and “defamation” are not considered to be an offense for these purposes. We list many possible crimes on our Crimes page as well.1

1 LA R.S. 46:2132(4)