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Información Legal: Kentucky

Restraining Orders

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14 de julio de 2020

Who can get a protective order?

You can seek court protection from acts of domestic violence and abuse done to you or your minor child by any of the following people:

  • your current or former spouse;
  • your parent or step-parent;
  • your child or step-child;
  • your grandparent or grandchild;
  • a boyfriend / girlfriend with whom you currently or formerly live(d) “as a couple;”
  • a boyfriend / girlfriend with whom you have a child (regardless of whether you ever lived together); or
  • if the child is the victim, a child can file against any person living in the same household with the child regardless of their relationship or against the parent’s boyfriend/girlfriend who lives with the parent or has a child with the parent.1

Note: The definition does not include a boyfriend / girlfriend with whom you do not have a child and with whom you have never lived. However, an interpersonal protective order does cover those types of dating relationships.

1 KRS § 403.720(1), (2), (5)