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Información Legal: Indiana

Restraining Orders

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8 de octubre de 2019

Step 1: Go to court to get and file the petition.

Go to the county courthouse in the county:

  • where you live; or
  • where the abuser lives; or
  • where the abuse took place.1

In most counties in Indiana, you can go to any court to ask for a protective order. However, some counties may require that you go to a particular type of court or a particular division in a courthouse. To find the courthouse nearest you, go to Indiana Courthouse Locations.

At the courthouse, tell the civil court clerk that you want to file a petition for an order for protection. You can obtain a petition during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. The clerk will give you the forms. You will fill out a non-confidential petition, as well as a confidential form which is standardized across the state. In addition, you can find links to the petitions online, any time day or night, by going to our Indiana Download Court Forms page.

1 IC § 34-26-5-4(b)