Información Legal: Iowa

Restraining Orders

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30 de octubre de 2020

How do I change or extend my order?

To modify your order, go back to the court where you got it and file a petition with the clerk. Only a judge can modify or terminate a protective order. The court may be less willing to offer you its protection in the future if you have an order dismissed.

A judge may extend your order by granting a renewal for up to one year. You may have it renewed more than once. You must fill out the “Request to Cancel or Change a Chapter 236 Protective Order” form. You must submit this form to the court before your first order expires. The Iowa court system has a booklet that discusses extending an order (click on the first link called “protect yourself from domestic violence.”)

You will have to attend a short court hearing (which the abuser will also attend) where you must prove to the court that the abuser is still a threat to your safety.

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