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Información Legal: Hawái

State Gun Laws

5 de agosto de 2021

I have an order for protection against the abuser. Can s/he have a gun or buy a gun?

In Hawaii, if an order for protection says that the abuser cannot contact, threaten, or physically abuse you, then the abuser cannot have, control, or transfer any gun or ammunition. The abuser will have to give any guns s/he has to law enforcement to hold onto while the order is active or s/he could be charged with a misdemeanor.1

Additionally, if an abuser is not allowed to have a gun under federal gun laws, which may restrict an abuser’s ability to have a gun when a protection order is in place, then s/he cannot legally have or buy a gun under Hawaii’s laws.2

1 Haw. Rev. Stat. § 134-7(f), (g)
2 Haw. Rev. Stat. § 134-7(a)