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Órdenes de Restricción

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24 de noviembre de 2021

What types of civil protection orders are available? How long do they last?

When you apply for a civil protection order, the judge can issue an immediate temporary ex parte order if the judge believes that there is an immediate danger to you. It will usually last for up to14 days until a hearing for a final order is scheduled.1

At the hearing for a final order, the judge can grant you a final order that will last for up to one year if the judge believes:

  1. that the respondent committed sexual abuse, sexual assault, or stalking; and
  2. that the respondent will:
    • continue to commit sexual abuse, sexual assault, or stalking, or
    • will commit acts designed to intimidate or retaliate against you.2

In addition, once your final order is expiring, you can file a motion to extend the order for an additional period of up to one year.3

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