About Abuse

LGBTQ Victims

August 31, 2009

What unique tactics are used by transgender abusers to gain power and control over their partners?

Abusers who identify as transgender might use their sexual identity and orientation as a way to manipulate their partner, regardless of the partner’s gender identity.  For example:

  • Using hormone supplements are an excuse for violent behavior;
  • Claiming that the victim's behavior or identity "undermines," "suppresses," or is "disrespectful" of the abuser's identity;
  • Claiming that the victim is "not being supportive" if s/he questions the timing and/or cost of the abuser’s transition;
  • Denying that the abuser's transition may affect the life of the victim; and/or
  • Claiming that the abuser’s gender identity and/or sexual orientation is somehow “better” than the victim's.1

1 See FORGE's "Transgender/SOFFA: Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Resource Sheet"