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The information provided is very helpful and I will follow through in trying these options. Your way of explaining and in offering the information felt very thoughtful and supportive which is so greatly appreciated. Sometimes that is really all a person may need is to feel supported, and to feel that someone cares. I really just wanted you to know that you, your sincere words and great info are appreciated.

Thank you for the prompt and informative response! I will follow your links for resources. Thank you for listening and providing a starting point.

Thank you for all your help, resources and time. I appreciate that you can empathize with my situation, but you have been the only one that has attempted to help me and provide me with the most sound advice I have experienced yet. I respect your opinion as well as your input on this matter. I am grateful more than you can imagine.

You have been wonderful throughout this whole situation. Always getting back with me, giving me advice and resources. Thank you for your responses.

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WomensLaw serves and supports all survivors, no matter their sex or gender.