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Legal Statutes: Alaska

UPDATED September 14, 2017

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Article 5. Factual Declaration of Innocence after Identity Theft; Right to File Police Report Regarding Identity Theft

back to topSec. 45.48.600. Factual declaration of innocence after identity theft

(a)  A victim of identity theft may petition the superior court for a determination that the victim is factually innocent of a crime if

(1)  the perpetrator of the identity theft was arrested for, cited for, or convicted of the crime using the victim’s identity;

(2)  a criminal complaint was filed against the perpetrator of the identity theft; and

(3)  the victim’s identity was mistakenly associated with a record of a conviction for a crime.

(b)  In addition to a petition by a victim under (a) of this section, the department may petition the superior court for a determination under (a) of this section, or the superior court may, on its own motion, make a determination under (a) of this section.

§ 4 ch 92 SLA 2008