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Legal Statutes: Iowa

UPDATED September 18, 2015

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Chapter 727. Health, Safety and Welfare

back to top 727.8. Electronic and mechanical eavesdropping

Any person, having no right or authority to do so, who taps into or connects a listening or recording device to any telephone or other communication wire, or who by any electronic or mechanical means listens to, records, or otherwise intercepts a conversation or communication of any kind, commits a serious misdemeanor; provided, that the sender or recipient of a message or one who is openly present and participating in or listening to a communication shall not be prohibited hereby from recording such message or communication; and further provided, that nothing herein shall restrict the use of any radio or television receiver to receive any communication transmitted by radio or wireless signal.

Added by Acts 1976 (66 G.A.) ch. 1245 (ch. 1), § 2708, eff. Jan. 1, 1978.