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Legal Statutes: Puerto Rico

UPDATED March 20, 2017

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Subchapter III. Delinquent Conduct; Penalties, and Other Measures

back to top631. Abuse

Any person who employs physical force or psychological abuse, intimidation or persecution against the person of his/her spouse, former spouse, or the person with whom he/she cohabits, or has cohabited, or the person with whom he/she has, or has had a consensual relationship, or the person with whom he/she has procreated a son or daughter, to cause physical harm to the person, the property held in esteem by him/her, except that which is privately owned by the offender, or to another's person, or to cause grave emotional harm, shall incur a felony in the fourth degree in its superior half.

The court may impose the penalty of restitution besides the established penalty of imprisonment.
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