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Legal Statutes: Kansas

UPDATED September 26, 2017

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Article 33. Third Party Visitation

back to top23-3301. Grandparent and stepparent visitation; enforcement; child exchange and visitation centers

(a) In an action under article 27 of chapter 23 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated, and amendments thereto, grandparents and stepparents may be granted visitation rights.

(b) The district court may grant the grandparents of an unmarried minor child reasonable visitation rights to the child during the child's minority upon a finding that the visitation rights would be in the child's best interests and when a substantial relationship between the child and the grandparent has been established.

(c) The district court may grant the parents of a deceased person visitation rights, or may enforce visitation rights previously granted, pursuant to this section, even if the surviving parent has remarried and the surviving parent's spouse has adopted the child. Visitation rights may be granted pursuant to this subsection without regard to whether the adoption of the child occurred before or after the effective date of this act.
Laws 2011, ch. 26, § 29, eff. July 1, 2011; Laws 2012, ch. 162, § 54, eff. May 31, 2012.