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Legal Statutes: New York

UPDATED April 20, 2017

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Article 140. Burglary and Related Offenses

back to topSec. 140.40 Unlawful possession of radio devices

As used in this section, the term “radio device” means any device capable of receiving a wireless voice transmission on any frequency allocated for police use, or any device capable of transmitting and receiving a wireless voice transmission. A person is guilty of unlawful possession of a radio device when he possesses a radio device with the intent to use that device in the commission of robbery, burglary, larceny, gambling or a violation of any provision of article two hundred twenty of the penal law.

Unlawful possession of a radio device is a class B misdemeanor.
(Added L.1970, c. 754, § 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1970.)