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Legal Statutes: Nevada

UPDATED March 18, 2016

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General Provisions

back to top125B.030. Recovery by parent with physical custody from other parent

Where the parents of a child do not reside together, the physical custodian of the child may recover from the parent without physical custody a reasonable portion of the cost of care, support, education and maintenance provided by the physical custodian. In the absence of a court order for the support of a child, the parent who has physical custody may recover not more than 4 years' support furnished before the bringing of the action to establish an obligation for the support of the child.
Amended by Laws 1969, p. 95; Laws 1979, p. 1279; Laws 1983, p. 1873. Substituted in revision for NRS 126.251. Amended by Laws 2007, c. 306, § 1, eff. June 2, 2007.