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Estatutos Legales: Wyoming

ACTUALIZADA 23 de diciembre, 2016

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Article 5. Prevention of Crime

back to top7-3-511. Emergency assistance by law enforcement officers; limited liability

(a) A person who allegedly has been a victim of stalking or sexual assault may request the assistance of a law enforcement agency, which shall respond to the request in a manner appropriate to the circumstances.

(b) A law enforcement officer or agency responding to the request for assistance may take whatever steps are reasonably necessary to protect the victim, including:

(i) Advising the victim of the remedies available under W.S. 7-3-506 through 7-3-512 and the availability of shelter, medical care, counseling, safety planning, victim's rights counseling and other services;

(ii) Advising the victim, when appropriate, of the procedure for initiating proceedings under W.S. 7-3-506 through 7-3-512 or criminal proceedings and the importance of preserving evidence; and

(iii) Providing or arranging for transportation of the victim to a medical facility or place of shelter.

(c) Any law enforcement agency or officer responding to a request for assistance under W.S. 7-3-506 through 7-3-512 is immune from civil liability when complying with the request, provided that the agency or officer acts in good faith and in a reasonable manner.
Laws 1993, ch. 92, § 1; Laws 2015, ch. 144, § 2, eff. July 1, 2015.