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Estatutos Legales: Wyoming

ACTUALIZADA 23 de diciembre, 2016

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Article 5. Prevention of Crime

back to top7-3-501. Filing of complaint; issuance of warrant or summons

(a) As used in W.S. 7-3-501 through 7-3-505 "judge" means a circuit court judge.

(b) When complaint is made by the district attorney or by any private person to any circuit court judge that a person has threatened or is about to commit a breach of the peace or an offense against the person or property of another, the judge shall:

(i) Examine under oath the complainant and any witnesses who may be produced;
(ii) Reduce the complaint and a concise statement of the testimony of the witnesses to writing; and
(iii) Cause the complaint to be subscribed and sworn to.

(c) If it appears there is probable cause to believe the offense will be committed, the judge shall issue a warrant for the arrest of the person complained against or issue a summons for him to appear and answer the complaint.

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