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Estatutos Legales: Wyoming

ACTUALIZADA 23 de diciembre, 2016

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Chapter 21. Domestic Violence Protection

back to top35-21-104. Temporary order of protection; setting hearing

(a) Upon the filing of a petition for order of protection, the court shall:

(i) Immediately grant an ex parte temporary order of protection if it appears from the specific facts shown by the affidavit or by the petition that there exists a danger of further domestic abuse;

(ii) Cause the temporary order of protection, together with notice of hearing, to be served on the alleged perpetrator of the domestic abuse immediately, either within or outside of this state;

(iii) Hold a hearing on the petition within seventy-two (72) hours after the granting of the temporary order of protection or as soon thereafter as the petition may be heard by the court on the question of continuing the order; or

(iv) If an ex parte order is not granted, serve notice to appear upon the parties and hold a hearing on the petition for order of protection within seventy-two (72) hours after the filing of the petition or as soon thereafter as the petition may be heard by the court.

(b) An order of protection issued under this section shall contain a notice that willful violation of any provision of the order constitutes a crime as defined by W.S. 6-4-404, can result in immediate arrest and may result in further punishment.

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