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Legal Statutes: New Mexico

UPDATED April 28, 2016

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Article 13. Family Violence Protection

back to top40-13-6 Service of order; duration; penalty; remedies not exclusive

A. An order of protection granted under the Family Violence Protection Act shall be filed with the clerk of the court, and a copy shall be sent by the clerk to the local law enforcement agency. The order shall be personally served upon the restrained party, unless the restrained party or the restrained party's attorney was present at the time the order was issued. The order shall be filed and served without cost to the protected party.

B. A local law enforcement agency receiving an order of protection from the clerk of the court that was issued under the Family Violence Protection Act shall have the order entered in the national crime information center's order of protection file within seventy-two hours of receipt. This does not include temporary orders of protection entered pursuant to the provisions of Section 40-13-4 NMSA 1978.

C. An order of protection granted by the court involving custody or support shall be effective for a fixed period of time not to exceed six months. The order may be extended for good cause upon motion of the protected party for an additional period of time not to exceed six months. Injunctive orders shall continue until modified or rescinded upon motion by either party or until the court approves a subsequent consent agreement entered into by the parties.

D. A peace officer may arrest without a warrant and take into custody a restrained party whom the peace officer has probable cause to believe has violated an order of protection that is issued pursuant to the Family Violence Protection Act or entitled to full faith and credit.

E. A restrained party convicted of violating an order of protection granted by a court under the Family Violence Protection Act is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be sentenced in accordance with Section 31-19-1 NMSA 1978. Upon a second or subsequent conviction, an offender shall be sentenced to a jail term of not less than seventy-two consecutive hours that shall not be suspended, deferred or taken under advisement.

F. In addition to any other punishment provided in the Family Violence Protection Act, the court shall order a person convicted to make full restitution to the party injured by the violation of an order of protection and shall order the person convicted to participate in and complete a program of professional counseling, at the person's own expense, if possible.

G. In addition to charging the person with violating an order of protection, a peace officer shall file all other possible criminal charges arising from an incident of domestic abuse when probable cause exists.

H. The remedies provided in the Family Violence Protection Act are in addition to any other civil or criminal remedy available to the protected party or the state.

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