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Legal Statutes: Oklahoma

UPDATED May 25, 2017

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Divorce and Alimony

back to top§ 120.5 Fees

A. 1. No parenting coordinator shall be appointed unless the court finds that the parties have the means to pay the fees of the parenting coordinator.

2. This state shall assume no financial responsibility for payment of fees to the parenting coordinator; except that, in cases of hardship, the court, if feasible, may appoint a parenting coordinator to serve on a volunteer basis.

B. 1. The fees of the parenting coordinator shall be allocated between the parties with the relative percentages determined pursuant to the child support guidelines.

2. The court may allocate the fees between the parties differently upon a finding of good cause by the court or good cause set forth in the parenting coordinator's report.
Laws 2001, c. 407, § 12, eff. July 1, 2001; Laws 2003, c. 302, § 9, emerg. eff. May 28, 2003.