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Legal Statutes: North Dakota

UPDATED December 17, 2015

North Dakota Statutes

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Chapter 14-05. Divorce

back to top14-05-14. Revocation of condonation

Condonation is revoked and the original cause of divorce revived:

1. When the condonee commits acts constituting a like or other cause of divorce; or

2. When the condonee is guilty of great conjugal unkindness, not amounting to a cause of divorce, but sufficiently habitual and gross to show that the conditions of condonation had not been accepted in good faith or not fulfilled.
Codifications: Civ. C. 1877, § 61; R.C. 1895, § 2749; R.C. 1899, § 2749; R.C. 1905, § 4061; C.L. 1913, § 4392; R.C. 1943, § 14-0514.