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Legal Statutes: Delaware

UPDATED April 12, 2017

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Part D. Protection From Abuse Proceedings.

back to top§ 1044. Nonemergency hearings

(a) Upon receipt of a petition for a protective order, the Court shall order a hearing within 30 days.
(b) If the Court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the alleged domestic violence has occurred, or if the respondent consents to entry of a protective order, the Court shall grant any appropriate relief, including, but not limited to, the relief set forth in § 1045 of this title.
(c) Service of the protective order, as well as provision of copies to the parties, shall take place in accordance with § 1043(f) of this title.
(69 Del. Laws, c. 160, § 2; 69 Del. Laws, c. 335, § 1.)