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Estatutos Legales: Wyoming

ACTUALIZADA 23 de diciembre, 2016

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Article 1. General

back to top20-2-111. Alimony during pendency of action; allowances for prosecution or defense of action; costs

In every action brought for divorce, the court may require either party to pay any sum necessary to enable the other to carry on or defend the action and for support and the support of the children of the parties during its pendency. The court may decree costs against either party and award execution for the costs, or it may direct costs to be paid out of any property sequestered, in the power of the court, or in the hands of a receiver. The court may also direct payment to either party for such purpose of any sum due and owing from any person.

Laws 1882, ch. 40, § 12; Laws 1977, ch. 152, § 1.

Codifications: R.S. 1887, § 1578; R.S. 1899, § 2995; C.S. 1910, § 2931; C.S. 1920, § 4997; R.S. 1931, § 35-115; C.S. 1945, § 3-5913; W.S. 1957, § 20-58; Rev. W.S. 1957, § 20-2-111.