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Legal Statutes: North Dakota

UPDATED December 17, 2015

North Dakota Statutes

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Chapter 14-09. Parent and Child

back to top14-09-08.5. Notice of periodic review of child support orders

1. The child support agency shall provide written notice that a child support order being enforced by the child support agency may be subject to review under section 14-09-08.4. The notice may be sent by first-class mail to the obligor and the obligee, at the addresses they have most recently provided to the child support agency, at least thirty-five days before the commencement of the review.
2. The notice to the obligor must inform the obligor of the duty to furnish the information required by section 14-09-08.6 and that a failure to furnish the required information may result in the entry of an order compelling the furnishing of the information. The notice must also inform the obligor that the review determination will be mailed to the obligor following the review. The notice must be accompanied by an income report form, together with instructions for the accurate completion of the income report form.
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