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Legal Statutes: North Carolina

UPDATED August 17, 2016

North Carolina Statutes

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Article 39. Protection of Minors

back to top14-320.1. Transporting child outside the State with intent to violate custody order

When any federal court or state court in the United States shall have awarded custody of a child under the age of 16 years, it shall be a felony for any person with the intent to violate the court order to take or transport, or cause to be taken or transported, any such child from any point within this State to any point outside the limits of this State or to keep any such child outside the limits of this State. Such crime shall be punishable as a Class I felony. Provided that keeping a child outside the limits of the State in violation of a court order for a period in excess of 72 hours shall be prima facie evidence that the person charged intended to violate the order at the time of taking.
Added by Laws 1969, c. 81. Amended by Laws 1979, c. 760, § 5; Laws 1979 (2nd Sess.), c. 1316, § 47; Laws 1981, c. 63, § 1; Laws 1981, c. 179, § 14; Laws 1983, c. 563, § 1; Laws 1993, c. 539, § 1234, eff. Oct. 1, 1994; Laws 1994 (1st Ex. Sess.), c. 24, § 14(c), eff. March 26, 1994.