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Legal Statutes: Oregon

UPDATED October 25, 2016

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Family Abuse Prevention Act

back to top107.723 Restraining order; service; electronic communication of order

(1) A sheriff may serve a restraining order issued under ORS 107.700 to 107.735 in the county in which the sheriff was elected and in any county that is adjacent to the county in which the sheriff was elected.

(2) A sheriff may serve and enter into the Law Enforcement Data System a copy of a restraining order under ORS 107.700 to 107.735 that was transmitted to the sheriff by a court or law enforcement agency using an electronic communication device. Before transmitting a copy of a restraining order to a sheriff under this subsection by telephonic facsimile or electronic mail, the person sending the copy must receive confirmation from the sheriff's office that an electronic communication device is available and operating. For purposes of this subsection, “electronic communication device” means a device by which any kind of electronic communication can be made, including but not limited to communication by telephonic facsimile and electronic mail.

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