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Legal Statutes: Alaska

UPDATED September 14, 2017

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back to topSec. 18.65.510. Domestic violence training

(a) Each established police training program in the state shall provide training that acquaints police officers with

(1) laws relating to substantive crimes and rules of criminal procedure applicable in cases involving domestic violence;

(2) techniques for handling incidents of domestic violence that promote the safety of the victim and the officer and that reduce the likelihood of recurrence;

(3) the investigation and management of cases involving domestic violence and report writing for those cases;

(4) organizations in the state that offer aid or shelter to victims of domestic violence;

(5) procedures applicable in the prosecution of cases involving domestic violence;

(6) orders that may be issued by or filed with a court under AS 18.66.100 - 18.66.180;

(7) the notification to be given to victims of domestic violence under AS 18.65.520 ; and

(8) the subjects set out in AS 18.66.310 (d).

(b) In providing a training program under this section, each agency or institution offering an established police training program shall consult with the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and interested individuals and organizations providing assistance to victims of domestic violence.
History: § 3 ch 139 SLA 1980; am § 26 ch 64 SLA 1996