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Legal Statutes: Nevada

UPDATED March 18, 2016

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Orders for Protection Against Harassment in the Workplace

back to top33.240. Acts that constitute harassment in workplace.

Harassment in the workplace occurs when:

1. A person knowingly threatens to cause or commits an act that causes:

(a) Bodily injury to himself or another person;

(b) Damage to the property of another person; or

(c) Substantial harm to the physical or mental health or safety of a person;

2. The threat is made or the act is committed against an employer, an employee of the employer while the employee performs his duties of employment or a person present at the workplace of the employer; and

3. The threat would cause a reasonable person to fear that the threat will be carried out or the act would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated or harassed.
(Added to NRS by 2001, 2843)