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Legal Statutes: Arkansas

UPDATED September 15, 2017

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Subchapter 2. Judicial Proceedings.

back to top9-15-203. Petition - Form.

(a) The circuit clerk shall provide simplified forms and clerical assistance to help petitioners with the writing and filing of a petition under this chapter if the petitioner is not represented by counsel.

(b) The petition form shall not require or suggest that a petitioner include his or her social security number or the social security number of the respondent in the petition.

(c)(1)(A) A petitioner may omit his or her home address or business address from all documents filed with the court.

(B) If a petitioner omits his or her home address, the petitioner shall provide the court with a mailing address.

(2) If disclosure of a petitioner's home address is necessary to determine jurisdiction or consider venue, the court may order the disclosure of the petitioner's home address:

(A) After receiving the petitioner's consent;

(B) Orally and in chambers, out of the presence of the respondent, and a sealed record to be made; or

(C) After a hearing, if the court takes into consideration the safety of the petitioner and finds the disclosure in the interest of justice.
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