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Legal Statutes: Indiana

UPDATED August 2, 2016

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Chapter 5. Indiana Civil Protection Order Act

back to topIC 34-26-5-8 Responsibility for completing and transmitting forms

Sec. 8. If a petitioner seeks:

(1) an order for protection;

(2) an extension of an order for protection;

(3) a modification of an order for protection;

(4) the termination of an order for protection; or

(5) the registration of a foreign protective order;

the petitioner is responsible for completing the forms prescribed by the division of state court administration and for transmitting those forms to the clerk of the court.
As added by P.L.133-2002, SEC.56. Amended by P.L.116-2009, SEC.12, and P.L.130-2009, SEC.23.