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Legal Statutes: Utah

UPDATED November 15, 2016

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Part 1. Cohabitant Abuse Act

back to top78B-7-109 Continuing duty to inform court of other proceedings -- Effect of other proceedings

(1) At any hearing in a proceeding to obtain an order for protection, each party has a continuing duty to inform the court of each proceeding for an order for protection, any civil litigation, each proceeding in juvenile court, and each criminal case involving either party, including the case name, the file number, and the county and state of the proceeding, if that information is known by the party.

(2) (a) An order for protection issued pursuant to this chapter is in addition to and not in lieu of any other available civil or criminal proceeding.

(b) A petitioner is not barred from seeking a protective order because of other pending proceedings.

(c) A court may not delay granting relief under this chapter because of the existence of a pending civil action between the parties.

(3) A petitioner may omit his or her address from all documents filed with the court under this chapter, but shall separately provide the court with a mailing address that is not to be made part of the public record, but that may be provided to a peace officer or entity for service of process.
History: C. 1953, 30-6-4.1, enacted by L. 1995, ch. 300, § 6; 1998, ch. 282, § 13; renumbered by L. 2008, ch. 3, § 1106.