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Legal Statutes: South Dakota

UPDATED May 26, 2017

South Dakota Statutes

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Chapter 10 Protection From Domestic Abuse

back to top25-10-41 Conditions of release of person charged with domestic abuse

In determining the conditions of release under § 25-10-40, the court shall consider the following conditions and may impose any condition it considers reasonably necessary to protect the alleged victim of domestic abuse, including ordering the defendant:

(1) Not to subject the victim to further domestic abuse;

(2) To vacate the home of the victim;

(3) Not to contact the victim other than through counsel;

(4) To engage in counseling;

(5) To refrain from the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs;

(6) To post bond pursuant to § 25-10-23.

As used in this section, the term, domestic abuse, means a violation of § 22-18-1 or 22-18-1.1 if the victim is a person in a relationship described in § 25-10-3.1.

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