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UPDATED February 11, 2016

What's New on this Site?

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Here at WomensLaw.org, in addition to making sure that our existing information is up-to-date, we add new information to our website to give you another reason to keep coming back.  If you have a suggestion for something you would like to see added to our site, or to let us know about a page that needs to be updated, email us at Stacey@WomensLaw.org.

What's new in February 2016?

What's new in January 2016?

What's new in December 2015?

What's new in November 2015?

  • We updated the Colorado Download Court Forms page in English and Spanish.
  • We updated the contact information for legal resources listed on our South Dakota Finding a Lawyer page and added 6 new legal services organizations to the page.  We also updated the links to outside information on our South Dakota Custody page.
  • Continuing towards our goal of translating the whole state of Washington, we translated the Washington Custody page into Spanish!
  • We created a new section to our Maine Know the Laws section - check out our Maine Housing Laws page!  We also added the relevant statutes to our Maine Statutes page.

What's new in October 2015?

What's new in September 2015?

What's new in August 2015?

  • We updated all of the legal and non-legal resources and courthouse information on our Oklahoma Where to Find Help page.
  • We have begun to translate all of the information for an additional state, Washington! So far, we translated all of the sections in our Restraining Orders page, which includes Domestic Violence Orders for Protection page, the Sexual Assault Protection Orders page, the Civil Anti-Harassment Orders page, and the Stalking Protection Orders page.
  • We added information to the Civil No Contact Orders page on our Illinois Restraining Orders section and added several additional statutes related to civil no contact orders to our IL Statutes page.
  • We added information to the question How can a restraining order help me? on our Connecticut Restraining Orders page based on a 2015 change to the law, which allows the judge to order additional protections in temporary and permanent restraining orders.
  • We updated all of the legal and non-legal resources in Spanish and English on our Arkansas Where to Find Help page. In addition, we added 5 new organizations that provide services to domestic violence victims and survivors on our AR State and Local Programs page and 2 new legal resources on our AR Finding a Lawyer page.
  • We updated our California Housing Laws section in English and Spanish to reflect a recent change in the law that requires a victim who is terminating his/her lease to pay rent only for the next 14 days instead of 30 days.
  • We updated a few questions on our Arizona State Gun Laws page based on legislative changes to include two more legal reasons why a person might be prohibited from having a gun in his/her possession.  We also changed information on our Arizona Custody page to reflect changes in the law regarding relocation of a child.  All changes were made in English and Spanish.
  • We added additional cyberstalking resources to our Stalking/Cyberstalking page in English and Spanish.
  • We updated our Arkansas Domestic Violence Orders of Protection section in Spanish and English based on amendments to Arkansas law; changes include adding in-laws as a possible family or household member against whom an order of protection can be sought.  We added the new crime in Arkansas called Unlawful distribution of sexual images or recordings to our Crimes page and our AR Statutes pages.
  • After being contacted by NIWAP to add them as a resource to WomensLaw.org, we added the National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project (NIWAP), both in English and Spanish, to our Helping Others page, under the Lawyers section.

What's new in July 2015?

What's new in June 2015?

  • We improved the Alabama Finding a Lawyer page, updating all of the current listings, adding descriptions of services, and adding 4 new legal organizations to the list. 
  • We updated all of the Illinois State and Local Programs (more than 60 of them), adding descriptions of services provided and additional programs - we also translated them all into Spanish.
  • We translated the Housing Laws sections in Arkansas and Arizona into Spanish.
  • With the help of the Puerto Rico Coalition, Coordinadora Paz para la Mujer, we were able to update all of the 100 legal and non-legal resources that we list on our Where to Find Help pages for victims and survivors of Puerto Rico. In addition, we now have 17 new State and Local Programs and 19 new resources on our Finding a Lawyer page.
  • We added the crime of custodial interference to our Oregon Crimes page.
  • In response to an inquiry on the Email Hotline, we added a new question in Spanish and English to our VAWA Laws for Abuse Victims page called Can I file for a VAWA self-petition if I am in another country?
  • At the suggestion of people who wrote to us, we added a new resource to our National Organizations page, in Spanish and English, for Take Back the Night Foundation and the Support, Advocacy & Resource Center to our Washington Local Programs page.  We also updated and translated into Spanish all of the resources on Finding a Lawyer page in California (78 of them!) in English and Spanish.

What's new in May 2015?

What's new in April 2015?

  • Check out our overhauled Choosing and Working with a Lawyer page! We re-wrote most of the sections, adding new information, and improving the overall content and translated the new page into Spanish. 
  • We improved our Sexual Harassment in the Workplace page in English and Spanish.
  • We updated the sheriff department listings (in English and Spanish) on our Where to Find Help page in the following states: MA, NJ, NM, WA, FL, NY, OK, PA, TX, NC, IL, GA, CO, AR.  More states to come!

What's new in March 2015?

What's new in February 2015?

  • We edited the Oklahoma State Gun Laws section, refining the information we had and adding new information to two questions, in both English and Spanish.
  • We added the crime of "Revenge porn prohibited" to our Maryland Crimes page and Maryland Statutes page, based on the addition of this law by the Maryland Legislature at the end of 2014.
  • We updated all of the legal resources on our New Mexico Finding a Lawyer page and added 12 new resources.  All updates and additions were made in English and Spanish.
  • We added a new section to our National Organizations page called Posting Sexual Images without Consent/"Revenge Porn" and listed in it the non-profit resource called the Cyber Civil Rights Legal Project.
  • In our Louisiana Suing Your Abuser section, we added links to 13 different city or county small claims courts since filing fees vary in each city.  We also added two new crimes to our Louisiana Crimes page.
  • We added a new section to our Tennessee Custody section called The effect of military deployment on custody/visitation.
  • We added 6 new crimes to our Utah Crimes page.
  • We revised our California Parental Kidnapping page and added the crime of Deprivation of custody or right to visitation to our Crimes page (in English and Spanish) and to our CA Statutes page.
  • We added brief information to our California Suing Your Abuser page in Spanish and English about the tort of stalking and linked to the language of the law on our CA Statutes page.
  • Continuing with our translation of all of our Georgia content, we translated the Georgia Crimes page into Spanish.
  • We added the Spanish translation of our New Jersey Housing Laws page, Colorado Housing Laws page, and Texas Housing Laws page.

What's new in January 2015?

  • Based on a new law that became effective in Pennsylvania in September 2014, we added information to our Suing Your Abuser page about a victim's right to sue someone who disseminates intimate images of him/her (in Spanish and English).
  • We added the Spanish translation of our Crimes pages in North Carolina, New Mexico, and Puerto Rico.
  • We added a new section to our Pennsylvania Custody section called The effect of military deployment on custody/visitation, in Spanish and English.
  • As we make our way through translating our Georgia Know the Laws pages into Spanish, we just completed the translation (and reorganization) of our Georgia Custody page.
  • We revised and expanded our Injunction Against Workplace Violence section in Arkansas, in Spanish and English.

What's new in December 2014?

  • We completed another step on our way to translating all of the legal information for Georgia. We just completed the Spanish translation of the Stalking Protection Orders page (here) and the Bond for Good Behavior page (here).  More to come soon!
  •  WomensLaw added two new sections to our Illinois Restraining Orders page: Stalking No Contact Orders and Civil No Contact Orders (for Victims of Sexual Assault).  We plan to expand these sections, especially the latter one, to make them more comprehensive in the coming months.

What's new in November 2014?

  • We revised our Georgia Stalking Protective Orders page and added new information to our Georgia Bond for Good Behavior page.  We also added 4 additional crimes to our Georgia Crimes page. 
  • We are thrilled to begin translating into Spanish the information in the Know the Laws section for a new state, Georgia.  We just completed the Spanish translation of the Family Violence Protection Orders page - you can check it out here.  More to come soon!
  • We revised the Puerto Rico Orders of Protection for the Elderly page in Spanish and added the English translation of the page.
  • We translated into Spanish the recently-added section to our New Mexico page, which, in English, is called Civil Restraining Orders (for harassment or other harm).
  • We improved our Ohio Domestic Violence Protection Orders page, re-writing various questions, and adding new statutes to our OH Statutes page to correspond with the new information added on the protection orders page.

What's new in October 2014?

What's new in September 2014?

What's new in August 2014?

What's new in July 2014?

  • We updated and enhanced the links to outside sources for every state in which we do not have a full divorce section (more than 40 states)!  This is an improvement we have been hoping to make for a while and are excited it is completed.
  • We added a new Divorce section for the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Colorado law added certain custody provisions for women who conceived a child due to a sexual assault.  We updated our Colorado Custody page to reflect the changes in the laws regarding allocation of parental responsibilities.  We also added a new question called If my child was conceived due to a sexual assault, can the offender/parent's rights to the child be terminated?

What's new in June 2014?

  • New Yorkers who have an order of protection will want to read the new question we added to our NY Orders of Protection page regarding the fact that a victim cannot violate his/her own order of protection.  We also overhauled the entire page to make it more concise and easier to read.
  • We added new links to outside sources on our Louisiana Custody page.
  • We clarified some information in our Maine Protection from Abuse Orders section to add information regarding the right of a victim of sexual assault or stalking to apply for a protection from abuse order, regardless of who the perpetrator is.  We also took a fresh look at the whole section, making substantial edits.  Check it out!
  • We added a lot of new information to the question on our Maine State Gun Laws page.
  • We added new links to outside sources on our Wyoming Divorce page.

What's new in May 2014?

  • Check out our new and improved Harassment Restraining Orders section in Minnesota.
  • We added a new section to our Massachusetts Know the Laws section called Housing Laws.  The section briefly covers the law that was passed in 2013, which allows victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking in MA to terminate their lease/rental agreement and/or to get their locks changed.  We hope to expand the section this Fall.
  • Based on a law passed in April 2014, we added information to our Iowa Protective Orders page regarding protection for pets in protective orders.  See How can a protective order help me? to read more about it.
  • We re-wrote and augmented the question on our Delaware Custody page called If a custody/visitation order is in place, how can I get it changed?
  • We revised all of the information on our Kentucky State Gun Laws page and we updated and enhanced the links to outside sources on our Kentucky Divorce page.

What's new in April 2014?

  • We updated the information and improved the links to outside sources for our West Virginia Custody page, our South Dakota Custody page, and our Idaho Custody page.
  • We revised the information and links to outside sources on our Nebraska Divorce page, Kansas Divorce page and Massachusetts Divorce page.  
  • We revised some of the information on our Kansas Protection from Abuse Orders page to make it easier to read.

What's new in March 2014?

  • We updated the links to information from outside sources on our divorce page for Utah.
  • WomensLaw added brief info about Oregon's new Sexual Assault Protective Orders, which became effective on 1/1/14.  We also added the newly-created statutes to our OR Statutes page.  Please check back in the Summer of 2014 when we hope to have a whole new section on the website devoted to SAPOs. 

What's new in February 2014?

  • We re-wrote the question "Where can I find more information about custody in Indiana?" on our IN Custody page and we updated/improved the links to outside sources on our back to top