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Interpersonal Protective Orders

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An interpersonal protective order provides protection for victims of dating violence/abuse against a current or former dating partner.  In addition, they can also protect a victim of sexual assault or stalking regardless of whether or not you have ever dated the offender.   

Who can get an interpersonal protective order

arribaAm I eligible for an interpersonal protective order?

You may file for an interpersonal protective order if you are a victim of:

You may also file on behalf of a minor who qualifies for an interpersonal protective order if you are an adult (even if you are not related to the parent/guardian of the minor).*

To file based on dating violence and abuse, there must have been “dating relationship,” which the law defines as “a relationship of a romantic or intimate nature.”***

Note: If the person who has sexually assaulted or stalked you is a family member or an intimate partner with whom you live(d) or have a child, or s/he is a current/former spouse, you would file for a protective order based on domestic violence instead.  Please see Protective Orders / Domestic Violence Orders for more information

* KRS § 456.030(1)
** See KRS §§ 456.030(1), 456.010(1),(6),(7)
*** KRS § 456.010(1)

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arribaHow will a judge decide if I was in a dating relationship with the abuser?

The judge may look at the following factors to decide if your relationship with the abuser was a dating relationship:

  • whether you expressed a romantic interest in one another;
  • whether the relationship was characterized by an expectation of affection;
  • your attendance at social outings as a couple;
  • the frequency and type of interaction between you and the abuser, including whether you have been involved together over time and continuously during the course of the relationship;
  • the length of the relationship and how long ago it ended (if applicable); and
  • other signs of a substantial connection that would lead a reasonable person to believe that a dating relationship existed.*

* KRS § 456.010(1)

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arribaCan a minor file for an interpersonal protective order?

Yes.  A minor can file on his/her own or  an adult can file for an interpersonal protective order on behalf of a minor victim of dating violence and abuse, sexual assault, or stalking.*  The adult who files it for the minor does not have to be his/her parent or guardian.

* KRS § 456.030(1)(d)

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