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UPDATED July 14, 2017

Technology as a Tool of Abuse

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In this section we discuss various ways that an abuser can commit abuse using technology, including cyberstalking and online harassment, sexting, electronic surveillance, abuse involving nude/sexual images, impersonation, GPS monitoring, and computer crimes.

  • Abuse Involving Texts, Photos, and Videos

    An abuser may pressure or force someone into sending texts, photos, or videos of a sexual nature. In this section, we discuss abuse involving "sexting" and abuse involving nude/sexual photos or videos.

  • Cyberstalking and Online Harassment

    More often than not, cyberstalking or online harassment is committed by a current or former intimate partner.

  • Electronic Surveillance (“Spying”)

    Electronic surveillance involves watching or monitoring a person’s actions or conversations without his/her knowledge or consent by using one or more electronic devices or platforms

  • Impersonation

    Impersonation generally refers to when someone uses a false identity and commits acts that will result in personal gain or that will deceive or harm another person, which often involves the use of technology.

  • GPS Monitoring

    An abuser may misuse GPS technology to try to gain or keep control over you.

  • Computer Crimes

    An abuser may access (break into) your computer or other technology device without your permission and copy or steal your data, such as private identifying information, employment information, calendar details, etc.

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